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"The course opened up my mind to all sorts of manageable ways to make our stories stand out. Manageable, meaning something even technobimbos like me can adopt in our work."
Aidila Razak, Assistant Editor,
"Keng is very knowledgeable about data and an excellent resource to start training a team in the goals, techniques and best practices of data journalism. We conducted training with him and got some great ideas for how to leverage tools like DataWrapper and CartoDB to share content in the most effective way with our specialist audience. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services to any news room, no matter how experienced with data journalism they already think they are."
Chad O'Carroll, Director / Managing Editor, NK NEWS
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Not just data visualization. We cover data literacy training, enabling journalists to find, clean, analyze data, and surface stories from data.


We design the program based on the demands and operation of newsrooms. We select data tools that fit their stories, and train the journalists to use them.


No more one-off parachute training. We provide post-training support and collaboration on data projects.


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