Resources for Newsrooms



So what can you do if your newsroom is small and doesn’t want or cannot afford to hire a data ninja to start experimenting with data journalism?

Datawrapper allows you to build a simple but interactive chart in minutes.

A simplified flowchart that guides you to choose the correct type of chart to tell your story effectively.

How small publications that are still struggling to make ends meet - especially those independent newsrooms in developing countries - can produce data journalism.

A data visualization workshop presented by DataN at the 4M Paris Meetings attended by 200 online media representatives from 38 countries.

A training session on data visualization in the Evidence in Advocacy workshop on Sep 15, 2016 at Bogor, Indonesia attended by some 30 environmental and indigenous rights activists from Southeast Asia.

This six-part series by the American Press Institute address how to incorporate data into the reporting that’s already happening at your news organization, as well as how to grow and sustain the practice, despite challenges of funding and staff time.


A workshop presented by DataN at the workshop "Budget 2017: Weathering Storms" during the Library Festival on Oct 16, 2016 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“There are a bunch of skills needed in building news apps, but at the most abstract level they fall into three buckets: Code, Design, and Journalism. Recruit people who have at least two of those skills and be willing to teach them the third.”